NEWS: Editorial

Editorial by: Timothy Campbell

April 23rd, 2018 | last Update: 2 years ago

Micheal Phipps was arrested once again for Lewd and Lascivious behavior. As the article reads a sex offender was charged. Meaning he was already a registered sex offender. He was convicted a few years prior for the exact offence. He was not arrested in Washington county, Bay county either. I believe it was Seminole county. Being a former law enforcement officer I found some of the comments astonishingly misguided. Not alot but a few says he was framed, some said we shouldn't judge. I highly doubt anyone of these people knew any facts of his previous conviction. Only what Micheal Phipps told him. I have a high degree of respect for all of our law enforcement officers. More often that not they are over worked and under paid protecting the citizens they serve. Washington County Sheriff's Department didn't just decide on charging Phipps because they were bored. From the first call to the sheriff a report was generated and reviewed by his superiors, and from there most likely had the blessing of the state's attorney that there warrant was valid with enough facts and evidence to arrested Phipps. To hear the town posters saying how he was framed, lied about, and so on must be straight naive. Any reasonable person would agree that child molesters do not rehabilitate. They most of the time reoffend. As Micheal Phipps did. Sex offenders are great manipulators and I think he fooled alot of those people in Chipley.

The part that I have problems digesting is the fact of why a church ( Grace and Glory Worship Center) would have him on the board of directors. The church is a business and when I searched I found he was in fact on this board. Seeing as children attend this church I often wonder about the reasoning was to place Phipps in this position. It was easy to screen shot that info in case later it gets changed. Did nobody at this church know he was a registered sex offender? Well that answer is a yes. They knew and chose to ignore the safety of the children that attend this church. This same church has a school as well. Was Micheal employed there also? Was a background completed on him? I do know he wasn't recently employed there. This goes back a few years. Word has it he was. I guess we will have to wait for that investigation to be completed. I am sure the sheriffs office wants to know as well. And I am sure they are pursuing this issue as well, and they are keeping Pam Bondi in the loop. Quite sure she is waiting on a response and maybe she isn't. I personally wouldn't take a chance. Would you?



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